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Locally owned Z-Tech Global Solutions provides Austin and the surrounding areas with responsible recycling of working and non-working computers and electronics. Z-Tech specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to all of your IT needs. With over 14 years of experience in the IT market and computer parts and peripherals, Z-Tech felt the urgent necessity to move into a new direction encompassing a needed focus towards global responsibility. Worldwide, an estimated 50 million tons of E-waste is produced each year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, The USA alone discards 30 million computers each year and it is estimated that only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled. The rest of these electronics go directly into landfills and incinerators. Z-Tech Global Solutions hopes to be part of the answer to this growing problem. We provide our customers with customized recycling solutions which include remarketing of usable equipment, parts harvesting and recovery, and IT asset management. Z-Tech also is able to provide on site sensitive data destruction and hard drive shredding. We also offer pick-up services with a minimum quantity and a drop off location for your convenience. Z-Tech Global Solutions has a zero tolerance landfill commitment!

Z-Tech is committed to help you maximize your asset returns!

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Tel: 512-697-9604
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